Curse of the Crimson Throne


Stardate: Kuthona (December), 4706

You arrive in Korvosa early in the month, sometime around the 7th or 8th, and have some time to spend your newfound wealth and get yourselves settled before the next adventure. The City Guide to Korvosa should be arriving any day now, and you can read most of it. I think there’s a chapter at the end with secrets for the DM, so no meta-gaming!!! If you don’t have the player’s guide, go to Paizo and download it. It’s free. Make sure you’ve picked your background traits from there, in addition to the bonus trait I gave you for Shipwrecked!


Stardate: Neth (November) 15, 4706

As the dust settles, you begin exploring. Keestake mutters some bizarre stuff about himself and herself, and how he laid them in their tombs and wished they would never die, their bodies would never decay and always be fresh for the Rapture, when all the dead will rise again and follow Jesus to Paradise. He says he’s been wanting to get down here and collapse the trap ever since the orcs and goblins came, and he thanks the players for helping him get here. He looks forward to being trapped here forever with them. Well, maybe not forever. Maybe they should die, now!!!!! Before anyone has a chance to react, Fatty Bob clobbers him and he dies.

You explore the area, and nothing on Kreestake’s map is accurate. There are traps where he says there will be swords or armour. So when you come to the hallway that says “Go Slow,” you sprint across and avoid the trap. As you search for the entrance to the tombs, the banging and clanging of the goblins and orcs (who apparently have decided to cooperate against their common enemy, the players) as they difg out the collapsed tunnel gets louder and louuder. Just as you find the tomb entrance (which was hidden behind some large crates), they break through. You move the crates back in front of the entrance and move on.

Next you find the tombs, and as you approach, the king and queen rise from the dead and start comig at you. Fatty Bob makes the fateful decision to pursue the path of necromancy, and commands the undead. He asks where the son is buried, and they point to a wall. Bob commands them to tear it down, and they do. He then orders the King to trade weapons with him, his wooden staff for the king’s +1 mace. When he asks for his armor, too, what little free will remains in the king resists, and he starts to swing on Fatty Bob. Pharasma herself intervenes, staying the zombie’s hand, preventing all damage to Fatty Bob. Bob decides to let him keep the armour and sends them both off to fight the invading orcs and goblins.

The party piles all the loot they can find into the boat, push it out to the ocean, and to the stirring airs of Eric Cartman’s rendition of “Come Sail Away,” your dungeon master is transformed into PeeWee Herman and you sail on to a new life of adventure.

First stop = Magnimar, where Melissana’s father rewards all the party members 1,000 gp each (except Finn and Morvious, who were both “very rude!”) Because you realize that docking fees in Korvosa would far exceed your potential income (and also because none of you have much interest in the sailing life), you decide to sell the boat in Magnimar and book passage to Korvosa on another ship. Each of you get another 2,000 gp from your share of the profit.

Your next adventure will occur in Korvosa, Chapter 1 of The Curse of the Crimson Throne, Edge of Anarchy!!! Think about how you’d like to spend your newfound wealth and where you’d like to live, further fleshing out your character’s background.

Manor of the Sea King

Keestake leads you to the Sea King’s manor by a path from the overgrown garden of the temple. The place is shaped roughly like an H, just like Keestake told you. You scout it out, and see that there are orcs on one end and goblins on the other. You decide to follow Keestake’s advice and approach the manor by a long low ditch that leads to the wing where his room is located. Just as you’re getting close, Awherro! slips and makes an awful racket. Some goblins come to investigate and a battle ensues. Seems like one of you got hurt pretty good here, but it’s all a little vague and cloudy. But in the end, you kicked their butts and made it inside the manor, via a loosened bar in Keestake’s bedroom window.

Fatty Bob consults Keestake’s map and leads you to the Queen’s chamber, where you find the throbbing wand and some other stuff. You also loot the king’s chamber, then head back down the hall. As soon as you step into the hallway, you hear a door opening at the far end, followed by the grunting of orcs. There’s a littkle jog in the hall, so they can’t see you, so you decide to head the other way (which is the direction you were going anyway). As you round the corner (to the hallway that makes the crossbar in the H), you hear the grunting of a group of goblins coming the other way. You slip into a room, an old Library, I think, and lay low, hoping the two groups will fight each other. The ruse works. You hear grunting and squealing, the clash of weapons and the deathcry of fallen warriors. Finally, you hear only a defiant grunt, followed by the frantic and fading squeaks of 3 or 4 goblins who survived the ordeal, running back toward their camp. You hear the lone orc retreat, the click of his high, hard boots echoing down the hall. You come out and loot and find some useful stuff, but alas! The lone surviving orc had the only pair of high, hard boots.

You walk on, and the wand throbs warmly in Fatty Bob’s hand. It points toward a room, which you explore and find a javelin of lightning, embedded in a wooden wall plaque of a harpooner hunting whales. As you start to step out, Finn hears another group of orcs coming down the hall. You decide to lay a ruse. Finn runs out into the hall and screams, “Chicken! We’ve got hot fresh chicken here!!!” One of the orcs mutters, “You ain’t got no chicken. Can’t fool me!!!” but he’s outvoted. The other 3 charge after the crafty gnome, screaming “Chicken!!!!!” Finn dashes into the room where the trap has been laid. Awherro! and Nobody have set themselves up in flanking positions. Nobody destroys the first orc that steps in. The next orc steps up and critically hits Nobody, drawing a bleeder! Blood squirts everywhere, and Nobody will die if someone doesn’t get there quick. Another orc smashes Awherro!, who falls back 5 feat and plays dead (rather badly—too theatric, and obviously an act.) Fatty Bob rushes up to heal Nobody, muttering “I told you guys not to get hurt! This is my last cure spell.” Finn tumbles around the orcs, angling for a flank, when one of the orcs fumbles his attack of opportunity, giving himself a bleeder. Finn and Morvious wound a couple of the orcs, then Fiametta Lisabella puts everybody to sleep. The wounded orc bleeds out, and Finn assasinates the other one. Fiametta wakes up Morvious and the others.

You go to the room with the secret entrance to the catacombs. The button is broken, so you have to rip the bookcase off the wall, which makes a terrible crash. Then you start climbing down. The passage is narrow, so you have to go single file, with only two players in the tube at the same time. About half of you get down safely, and the others are bombarded with rocks thrown by the goblins. Nobody is knocked unconscious, and falls down the shaft into the waiting arms of Fatty Bob, who stabilizes his wounds. When everyone is down, Keestake pulls the lever which causes the walls of the shaft to cave in, smashing the pursuing goblins.

The Goddess Awaits

Awherrothere! and Fatty Bob are washed overboard before the slaveship crashes.

Awherro! fights to swim as best he can, and manages to keep his head above water for several minutes. But the waves are too fierce and he eventually is sucked under. He can feel the water begin to enter his lungs, and everything starts to go black and blurry, when he thinks he sees the face of a beautiful sea-elf. She seems to be kissing him, and for some reason, the cold sea water feels warm and lovely, like a soft blanket. When he awakens on a cold and lonely stretch of beach, spitting out sand, the last thing he remembers is the sea-elf’s kiss. He struggles to his feet and begins looking around.

Fatty Bob is also pulled under by the waves not long after being washed overboard. He thinks he dies—everything goes black. When he awakens on the beach, he thinks that Pharasma must have some special purpose for him, and that’s why he was spared. He looks around for material to build shelter with, but finds only a tough shrub that is absolutely useless. He heads inland, in search of shelter.

Awherro! finds the party. In her delirium, Lisabella thinks he is a large, thin-crust pizza, walking down the beach toward her. Smells so good!!!! Morvious never leaves Lisabella’s side and doesn’t say a word. Soon, Finn and Nobody return from their scouting trip, and give everyone a general description of what they can see of the island from the top of the cliff. They decide to head east, since this part seems more sheltered from the storms. Morvious doesn’t say a word, as he carefully pulls the makeshift litter that they built for Lisabella.

Eventually, you hear grunting sounds and the clash of steel on steel, coming from over a hill to your left. Finn creeps to the top to have a look, and he sees a group of orcs fighting a group of goblins. About 50 feet behind the Orc line, he sees an old human with long white hair and a beard, laying on the ground with his hands tied, twisting around to watch the battle.

Finn reports back to the rest of the party, and they decide to go rescue the old man. So they all creep up the hill and peak over. The battle between the orcs and goblins rages on, with several from both sides being killed. As Finn creeps over towards the old man, he spots some boulders that could easily be rolled down the ravine and into the battling humanoids, killing them all. Nobody and Awherro!! set up behind the boulders, ready to roll at Finn’s signal. Finn creeps over to the old man and unties him, as the old man thanks him profusely. He then gives the signal, and Nobody rolls his boulder perfectly, causing a massive landslide that kills all the bad guys but two goblin archers, who run away.

Out of nowhere, Fatty Bob comes racing down an adjacent hill to the battlescene. He breaks off one of the orcs’ bardiches, fashioning a rough quarterstaff. The rest of the party also races toward the dead orcs and goblins, too eager to loot to wonder, “Who the heck is this guy? And why are we letting him loot our stuff?”

The old man won’t stop talking, telling stories about “himself,” the Sea King Vilodel, whose groom the old man used to be. 60 years ago, the Sea King was attacked by pirates who destroyed everything. Keestake was the only survivor. He tells them of great treasures (including a boat) that were buried with himself, his wife, and son, and draws them some maps on palm leaves that somehow, someway magically appear from nowhere on this island with no trees. He guides the players toward a temple where they can rest.

The Temple of the Goddess used to be nice, but now it’s old and overgrown. The orcs have also recently trashed the place, looking for treasure and desecrating the remaining shrines to the Goddess. Badly in need of rest and something to eat, Morvious and Melissana watch over Lisabella while everyone else goes rat hunting. They discover a desecrated altar and statue of the goddess, which Fatty Bob carefully cleans, offering the choicest piece of rat meat as a sacrifice. Fatty Bob and Finn take the first watch, while everyone else sleeps. Soon, Finn drifts off (Mmmmmmm!!!! Good rat!!!), and Fatty Bob hears a voice in his head: “Fatty Bob. Fatty Bob!!! Come to me.” He looks toward the statue, which is glowing softly, and replies, “Yes, Pharasma, I am here.” As he moves closer, the statue seems to come alive, taking on the form of Pharasma, just as Fatty Bob had always imagined her. Slowly, the rest of the party wakes up to see and hear Fatty Bob’s conversation with the goddess. To each, she looks like how they imagine a goddess: to Lisabella, she is Desna, the chief goddess of the Varisians; to Awherro! and Nobody, she looks like the elven goddess of beauty, Hanali Canali; to Finn, she is Eris, the goddess of discord.

Whoever she is, she is angry because her shrine has been desecrated by orcs, and she has vowed to destroy this island and everyone on it this very night. She sees no reason to destroy the innocent, however, so she will delay her plans for one day, giving the players an opportunity to prove their worth by finding a way off the island. She has the greatest confidence that the players’ hearts are true, and they will survive this ordeal and do great things in her service. To aid them in their quest, she tells them that there are items of great power on this island, items that will assist them in their journey. And then she’s gone.

Later that night, during Awherro! and Nobody’s watch, the players are attacked by a ghoul. Other than a few bites and claw marks, the players survive the fight pretty well. They continue their rest, and when they wake up, all damage and afflictions have been healed, perhaps a final blessing of the goddess.

To be continued…...


Stardeate: Neth (November) 10, 4706

All of you are from the city of Korvosa, the Jewel of Varisia. Originally, this was a site sacred to the Shoanti, who protected the strange and ancient stepped-pyramid that dominates the landscape of this island at the mouth of the Jeggare River. 300 years ago, Field Marshal Jakthion Korvosa lead an invading force of marines that quickly fortified the area, making it Cheliax’s primary base of operations in the conquest of Varisia. The Shoanti resisted fiercely, even burning Fort Korvosa to the ground in the Great Fire. But eventually, the Chelaxians prevailed, driving the barbarian tribes into the Cinderlands. One of the most visible landmarks is Castle Korvosa, which is built on top of the Thassilonian pyramid. Old Korvosa is the site of the original fort. When the Chelaxian Empire collapsed following the death of Aroden (about 100 years ago), Korvosa became independent. Shortly afterwards, a group of separatists left Korvosa to found the city of Magnimar. More details are available in the Player’s Guide to the Crimson Throne.

You were going about your daily business in Korvosa when suddenly you were bonked on the head and everything went black. Fatty Bob was digging a grave; Fiametta Lisabella was investigating the dissapearance of Varisian children, when she turned down the wrong alley; Arrherrothere! had just finished playing cards and was stretching his legs; Finn was on his way to his lockshop; Morvious Galonnica had slept late and was rushing to get to class; Nobody was tracking his morning breakfast, a nice fat juicy rat.

When you woke up you were chained in the hold of a slaveship, stacked with many others like cordwood. The stench was unbearable. The key to your chains, to freedom, hangs tantalizingly out of reach, on a beam at the bottom of the stairs to the topdeck. Early in the journey, you hear a gnome screaming loudly. A large half-orc, your overseer (whose name is Hafkris, you later learn), comes down from the topdeck and beats the gnome severely. The gnome won’t quit, though, and he is beaten to unconsciousness. When he wakes up, he starts screaming again. This makes Hafkris really angry, so this time he gags the gnome with barbed wire. The ever resourceful Finn then chews through the barbed wire, breaking off a piece that he thinks is just the right size for a lockpick.

Not long into the second day of your voyage, you hear the wind pick up, and the ship starts getting tossed around in a storm that grows fiercer and fiercer. A few hours into the storm, Hafkris comes below deck and picks out a crew of the largest slaves to bring above deck. You hear the rhythmic crack of a whip and the order, “Stroke! Stroke! Stroke!” Occassionally, the rhythm is interrupted by the crash of a large wave and the screams of someone getting washed overboard. A few hours later, Hafkris comes below deck to assemble another crew. And then another. And another. Fatty Bob and Awherrothere! are among the rowers who were washed overboard.

Suddenly, there’s a large grinding noise, followed by the splintering of timbers. When your wits settle, you can see that the ship has crashed into a large boulder, and the bow has been ripped off entirely. Through the misty rain driving through the opening, you can vaguely see the outlines of a rocky cliff in the distance. You are very cold, and unfortunately, still chained up.

Finn spits the piece of wire out of his mouth with amazing accuracy, catching it in one of his chained hands. With skill and determination, he manages to pick the lock. He looks around for something to free the others. Nobody just stares at the key and mutters to himself, “Stupid fucking white man.”

Everyone is eventually freed, including the party members plus an NPC, Melissana, a beautiful merchant’s daughter from Magnimar. You search around and realize you can make an improvised club from the splintered ship’s timber. Someone creeps up to the opening where the bow used to be, and sees your nemesis Hafkris, drunk out of his mind, strutting up and down the beach like a soldier on parade, screaming at the top of his lungs, “What shall we do with the drunken sailor?” Nobody and Finn decide there must be more useful stuff on board the ship, so they climb up to the topdeck and have a look around. They find a heavy crossbow, some bolts, and other useful stuff. Nobody takes up a position on the deck with the crossbow, and the others jump into the surf, scrambling to the shore.

Nobody shoots and misses Hafkris repeatedly, as the rest of the party scrambles forward. Lisabella, the firece freedom loving gypsy fortuneteller, reaches Hafkris first, and a fierce fight ensues. Lisabella is severely wounded, but she gets a few good hits on the half-orc. Nobody’s crossbow cracks and breaks, so he leaps into the surf as well, arriving to the battle just in time to plant a killing blow to the back of the half-orc’s head, just after he drops Lisabella. Melissana, the merchant’s daughter, rushes to her side and gives her first aid.

The party explores the area, and using scaps of sailcloth and broken timber, build a very crude (and ineffective) shelter against the clifface. Morvious stays by Lisabella’s side, mindful of every ragged breath and gasp of pain. And so ends our first adventure.

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