Curse of the Crimson Throne


Stardate: Neth (November) 15, 4706

As the dust settles, you begin exploring. Keestake mutters some bizarre stuff about himself and herself, and how he laid them in their tombs and wished they would never die, their bodies would never decay and always be fresh for the Rapture, when all the dead will rise again and follow Jesus to Paradise. He says he’s been wanting to get down here and collapse the trap ever since the orcs and goblins came, and he thanks the players for helping him get here. He looks forward to being trapped here forever with them. Well, maybe not forever. Maybe they should die, now!!!!! Before anyone has a chance to react, Fatty Bob clobbers him and he dies.

You explore the area, and nothing on Kreestake’s map is accurate. There are traps where he says there will be swords or armour. So when you come to the hallway that says “Go Slow,” you sprint across and avoid the trap. As you search for the entrance to the tombs, the banging and clanging of the goblins and orcs (who apparently have decided to cooperate against their common enemy, the players) as they difg out the collapsed tunnel gets louder and louuder. Just as you find the tomb entrance (which was hidden behind some large crates), they break through. You move the crates back in front of the entrance and move on.

Next you find the tombs, and as you approach, the king and queen rise from the dead and start comig at you. Fatty Bob makes the fateful decision to pursue the path of necromancy, and commands the undead. He asks where the son is buried, and they point to a wall. Bob commands them to tear it down, and they do. He then orders the King to trade weapons with him, his wooden staff for the king’s +1 mace. When he asks for his armor, too, what little free will remains in the king resists, and he starts to swing on Fatty Bob. Pharasma herself intervenes, staying the zombie’s hand, preventing all damage to Fatty Bob. Bob decides to let him keep the armour and sends them both off to fight the invading orcs and goblins.

The party piles all the loot they can find into the boat, push it out to the ocean, and to the stirring airs of Eric Cartman’s rendition of “Come Sail Away,” your dungeon master is transformed into PeeWee Herman and you sail on to a new life of adventure.

First stop = Magnimar, where Melissana’s father rewards all the party members 1,000 gp each (except Finn and Morvious, who were both “very rude!”) Because you realize that docking fees in Korvosa would far exceed your potential income (and also because none of you have much interest in the sailing life), you decide to sell the boat in Magnimar and book passage to Korvosa on another ship. Each of you get another 2,000 gp from your share of the profit.

Your next adventure will occur in Korvosa, Chapter 1 of The Curse of the Crimson Throne, Edge of Anarchy!!! Think about how you’d like to spend your newfound wealth and where you’d like to live, further fleshing out your character’s background.



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