Curse of the Crimson Throne

Manor of the Sea King

Keestake leads you to the Sea King’s manor by a path from the overgrown garden of the temple. The place is shaped roughly like an H, just like Keestake told you. You scout it out, and see that there are orcs on one end and goblins on the other. You decide to follow Keestake’s advice and approach the manor by a long low ditch that leads to the wing where his room is located. Just as you’re getting close, Awherro! slips and makes an awful racket. Some goblins come to investigate and a battle ensues. Seems like one of you got hurt pretty good here, but it’s all a little vague and cloudy. But in the end, you kicked their butts and made it inside the manor, via a loosened bar in Keestake’s bedroom window.

Fatty Bob consults Keestake’s map and leads you to the Queen’s chamber, where you find the throbbing wand and some other stuff. You also loot the king’s chamber, then head back down the hall. As soon as you step into the hallway, you hear a door opening at the far end, followed by the grunting of orcs. There’s a littkle jog in the hall, so they can’t see you, so you decide to head the other way (which is the direction you were going anyway). As you round the corner (to the hallway that makes the crossbar in the H), you hear the grunting of a group of goblins coming the other way. You slip into a room, an old Library, I think, and lay low, hoping the two groups will fight each other. The ruse works. You hear grunting and squealing, the clash of weapons and the deathcry of fallen warriors. Finally, you hear only a defiant grunt, followed by the frantic and fading squeaks of 3 or 4 goblins who survived the ordeal, running back toward their camp. You hear the lone orc retreat, the click of his high, hard boots echoing down the hall. You come out and loot and find some useful stuff, but alas! The lone surviving orc had the only pair of high, hard boots.

You walk on, and the wand throbs warmly in Fatty Bob’s hand. It points toward a room, which you explore and find a javelin of lightning, embedded in a wooden wall plaque of a harpooner hunting whales. As you start to step out, Finn hears another group of orcs coming down the hall. You decide to lay a ruse. Finn runs out into the hall and screams, “Chicken! We’ve got hot fresh chicken here!!!” One of the orcs mutters, “You ain’t got no chicken. Can’t fool me!!!” but he’s outvoted. The other 3 charge after the crafty gnome, screaming “Chicken!!!!!” Finn dashes into the room where the trap has been laid. Awherro! and Nobody have set themselves up in flanking positions. Nobody destroys the first orc that steps in. The next orc steps up and critically hits Nobody, drawing a bleeder! Blood squirts everywhere, and Nobody will die if someone doesn’t get there quick. Another orc smashes Awherro!, who falls back 5 feat and plays dead (rather badly—too theatric, and obviously an act.) Fatty Bob rushes up to heal Nobody, muttering “I told you guys not to get hurt! This is my last cure spell.” Finn tumbles around the orcs, angling for a flank, when one of the orcs fumbles his attack of opportunity, giving himself a bleeder. Finn and Morvious wound a couple of the orcs, then Fiametta Lisabella puts everybody to sleep. The wounded orc bleeds out, and Finn assasinates the other one. Fiametta wakes up Morvious and the others.

You go to the room with the secret entrance to the catacombs. The button is broken, so you have to rip the bookcase off the wall, which makes a terrible crash. Then you start climbing down. The passage is narrow, so you have to go single file, with only two players in the tube at the same time. About half of you get down safely, and the others are bombarded with rocks thrown by the goblins. Nobody is knocked unconscious, and falls down the shaft into the waiting arms of Fatty Bob, who stabilizes his wounds. When everyone is down, Keestake pulls the lever which causes the walls of the shaft to cave in, smashing the pursuing goblins.



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