Curse of the Crimson Throne

The Goddess Awaits

Awherrothere! and Fatty Bob are washed overboard before the slaveship crashes.

Awherro! fights to swim as best he can, and manages to keep his head above water for several minutes. But the waves are too fierce and he eventually is sucked under. He can feel the water begin to enter his lungs, and everything starts to go black and blurry, when he thinks he sees the face of a beautiful sea-elf. She seems to be kissing him, and for some reason, the cold sea water feels warm and lovely, like a soft blanket. When he awakens on a cold and lonely stretch of beach, spitting out sand, the last thing he remembers is the sea-elf’s kiss. He struggles to his feet and begins looking around.

Fatty Bob is also pulled under by the waves not long after being washed overboard. He thinks he dies—everything goes black. When he awakens on the beach, he thinks that Pharasma must have some special purpose for him, and that’s why he was spared. He looks around for material to build shelter with, but finds only a tough shrub that is absolutely useless. He heads inland, in search of shelter.

Awherro! finds the party. In her delirium, Lisabella thinks he is a large, thin-crust pizza, walking down the beach toward her. Smells so good!!!! Morvious never leaves Lisabella’s side and doesn’t say a word. Soon, Finn and Nobody return from their scouting trip, and give everyone a general description of what they can see of the island from the top of the cliff. They decide to head east, since this part seems more sheltered from the storms. Morvious doesn’t say a word, as he carefully pulls the makeshift litter that they built for Lisabella.

Eventually, you hear grunting sounds and the clash of steel on steel, coming from over a hill to your left. Finn creeps to the top to have a look, and he sees a group of orcs fighting a group of goblins. About 50 feet behind the Orc line, he sees an old human with long white hair and a beard, laying on the ground with his hands tied, twisting around to watch the battle.

Finn reports back to the rest of the party, and they decide to go rescue the old man. So they all creep up the hill and peak over. The battle between the orcs and goblins rages on, with several from both sides being killed. As Finn creeps over towards the old man, he spots some boulders that could easily be rolled down the ravine and into the battling humanoids, killing them all. Nobody and Awherro!! set up behind the boulders, ready to roll at Finn’s signal. Finn creeps over to the old man and unties him, as the old man thanks him profusely. He then gives the signal, and Nobody rolls his boulder perfectly, causing a massive landslide that kills all the bad guys but two goblin archers, who run away.

Out of nowhere, Fatty Bob comes racing down an adjacent hill to the battlescene. He breaks off one of the orcs’ bardiches, fashioning a rough quarterstaff. The rest of the party also races toward the dead orcs and goblins, too eager to loot to wonder, “Who the heck is this guy? And why are we letting him loot our stuff?”

The old man won’t stop talking, telling stories about “himself,” the Sea King Vilodel, whose groom the old man used to be. 60 years ago, the Sea King was attacked by pirates who destroyed everything. Keestake was the only survivor. He tells them of great treasures (including a boat) that were buried with himself, his wife, and son, and draws them some maps on palm leaves that somehow, someway magically appear from nowhere on this island with no trees. He guides the players toward a temple where they can rest.

The Temple of the Goddess used to be nice, but now it’s old and overgrown. The orcs have also recently trashed the place, looking for treasure and desecrating the remaining shrines to the Goddess. Badly in need of rest and something to eat, Morvious and Melissana watch over Lisabella while everyone else goes rat hunting. They discover a desecrated altar and statue of the goddess, which Fatty Bob carefully cleans, offering the choicest piece of rat meat as a sacrifice. Fatty Bob and Finn take the first watch, while everyone else sleeps. Soon, Finn drifts off (Mmmmmmm!!!! Good rat!!!), and Fatty Bob hears a voice in his head: “Fatty Bob. Fatty Bob!!! Come to me.” He looks toward the statue, which is glowing softly, and replies, “Yes, Pharasma, I am here.” As he moves closer, the statue seems to come alive, taking on the form of Pharasma, just as Fatty Bob had always imagined her. Slowly, the rest of the party wakes up to see and hear Fatty Bob’s conversation with the goddess. To each, she looks like how they imagine a goddess: to Lisabella, she is Desna, the chief goddess of the Varisians; to Awherro! and Nobody, she looks like the elven goddess of beauty, Hanali Canali; to Finn, she is Eris, the goddess of discord.

Whoever she is, she is angry because her shrine has been desecrated by orcs, and she has vowed to destroy this island and everyone on it this very night. She sees no reason to destroy the innocent, however, so she will delay her plans for one day, giving the players an opportunity to prove their worth by finding a way off the island. She has the greatest confidence that the players’ hearts are true, and they will survive this ordeal and do great things in her service. To aid them in their quest, she tells them that there are items of great power on this island, items that will assist them in their journey. And then she’s gone.

Later that night, during Awherro! and Nobody’s watch, the players are attacked by a ghoul. Other than a few bites and claw marks, the players survive the fight pretty well. They continue their rest, and when they wake up, all damage and afflictions have been healed, perhaps a final blessing of the goddess.

To be continued…...



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